About Us

Who are we?

Young Greens are the youth and student branch of the Green Party. We aim to harness the energy and ideas of young people, and change the direction of our society towards a sustainable and just future. We believe that our political system must be changed from the inside as well as by wider society.

We exist to combine the principled actions and campaigning we see in our communities with electoral politics  We aim to represent the values that have disappeared from politics and left people disillusioned. We organise within and beyond the Green Party in the interests of young people.

How we work

We are structured in a similar way to the Green Party, with an Executive Committee and a Senate of regional and Welsh representatives who perform the majority of our day to day work. And of course, we have local groups, all whom you can find on our groups page.

Along with these two committees, we also have a Structures and Procedures Committee, the Green Students Campaign and Liberation Groups. 

What we do

  • Host events, such as our annual convention
  • Run campaigns, such as our People Not Numbers campaign
  • Provide a voice and a way for young members to get involved
  • Organise our 30 under 30 training scheme, to provide a strong future for the party
  • Support members in getting involved on a local level 
  • Represent the voice of young members to other parts of the Green Party of England and Wales

Our Committee

Our Executive Committee look after the day-to-day running of the organisation, supporting local groups and members among other things. It is elected each year in Autumn at our Annual Convention and consists of eleven posts: two co-chairs (of which at least one must not be a self defining man), treasurer, two senate co-chairs and six general ('non-portfolio') members. who work together to ensure all tasks are looked after. It meets regularly to set strategy, the budget and review the progress of the organisation. Please note we accept job-shares.

Hannah Graham - hannah@younggreens.org.uk / cochairs@younggreens.org.uk
Ben Parker - ben@younggreens.org.uk / cochairs@younggreens.org.uk


Non-Portfolio Officers

Sam Bee sam.b@younggreens.org.uk Campaigns Officer

Amy Heley amy@younggreens.org.uk Membership Officer

Nate Higgins & Niall Pettitt extcomms@younggreens.org.uk External Communications Officers (Job Share)

Isabella Moir isabella@younggreens.org.uk Equality & Diversity Officer

Lucas North lucas@younggreens.org.uk Convention Officer


Senate Co-Chair

Martin Osborne martin@younggreens.org.uk

Vicky Elliott vicky@younggreens.org.uk