Help us save our declining bee population

The bee population is declining. And we're about to lose our environmental protections as we leave the EU. It's time to take action.

In 2013, the European Commission banned neonicotinoid pesticides, which are linked with the decline in bees and while our Government implemented the ban, they weren't happy about it. Just two years later, they lifted the ban in some areas [1]. 

Without the European Commission's ban, farmers in England and Wales would be free to continue use of harmful pesticides, which are leading to colony collapses. And without bees? Our plants won't be as pollinated, honey won't be produced and some plants won't be able to grow.

We are calling for our members to take action, in both helping to mitigate the effects in our homes and by lobbying the Government to ensure our bee populations can rise again. We call for:

  1. A ban on bee-harming pesticides in the United Kingdom
  2. Bee friendly gardens throughout the UK
  3. Local councils to ensure that all green areas include plants that assist bees with pollination. 


Click here to find out more about our campaign grant for our Save the Bees campaign.