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Our Executive Committee look after the day-to-day running of the organisation, supporting local groups and members among other things. It is elected each year in Autumn at our Annual Convention and consists of eleven posts: two co-chairs (of which at least one must not be a self defining man), treasurer, two senate co-chairs and six general ('non-portfolio') members. who work together to ensure all tasks are looked after. It meets regularly to set strategy, the budget and review the progress of the organisation. For more information on our committee, click here.

You can contact them for further information and advice via a query form or visit the members website to view their most recent minutes and reports. 

Contact Form

Below is a direct contact form which EC will review on a weekly basis. Only members may make direct response queries, those not from membership should go through email via Enquiries may be checked against our membership database to confirm this.

Responses may take up to a month for a reply due to the workload of EC, and responses will be prioritised in relation to nature of enquiry.