30 under 30 Members

30 under 30 logo30 Under 30 2016

The 2016 30 Under 30 cohort started in May 2016 and will be part of the scheme until December 2016. You can find out more about them below or click here to sign up to an email list tracking their progress!





Bios of participants

Sam Andrews
Hi, I'm Sam! I'm 17, from Cardiff, and going into my second year of further education. I'm really looking forward to participating in the scheme and hope that it acts as a means of achieving my future ambitions within the party.


Siobhan Auckland

I'm Siobhán, I'm a part-time student in Northampton and one of the Midlands YG Co-convenors. I'm super excited to be expanding my knowledge and getting more involved with the Greens and other grassroots movements!


Caitlin Cavanagh
Hi, I'm Caitlin and I'm a Young Green from Liverpool. I'm 16 and currently going into my last year of sixth form. I'm excited to see what the project brings!


James Crawley

Hello! I'm James, member of Liverpool Green Party, and currently working as a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School. I'm looking forward to learning about policy, while building a cohesive environmental & social justice movement.

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Kat Driscoll

Hi, I'm Kat, I'm a Young Green based in Plymouth, where I am studying Occupational Therapy. I'm an active member of the South West Young Greens committee and the LGBTIQ Greens committee. I'm really looking forward to meeting and learning from other Green Party members and learning more about the Party.


Vicky Elliot

I'm Vicky, I live in London and work for a mental health charity. I'm on the committee for London Young Greens and am really excited to learn more about campaigning and meet other young Greens from around the country on the 30u30 scheme.


Caitlin Evans

I'm Caitlin, I'm from Newcastle and will graduate from King's College London this year. I'm a theatre-maker, specifically interested in using theatre as a platform for people's voices who otherwise would not be heard. I'm an activist with Lambeth Green Party and hoping to learn more about how to get involved with the national party through this scheme!


Yasmin Gasimova

I'm Yasmin, I'm studying Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Liverpool, and will be taking next year out to be a Student Officer. I'm excited to start working more closely with the Greens, and eager to make the best of the experience.


Dom Glover

Hi, my name is Dom, I'm 21 and from Brighton. I'm finishing my final year at Sussex University studying International Relations. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!


Amber Goneni

Hello I’m Amber. Currently doing law and politics A level but have fallen in love with pottery so will be jumping to Art next year when I’ll be doing foundation. I’m the co-chair for the Young Greens of Colour and am on the West Midlands Young Greens committee, currently live in Telford.

Hannah Graham

I'm Hannah, I'm 26 and live in Lincolnshire. I've just completed my degree and masters at Teesside University and looking for work after travelling Asia for 6 months. I'm interested in representation and campaigning for social justice and education for all, and looking to improve my media & press experience with the 30 under 30 scheme.


Olivia Hartigan

I'm Olivia, I grew up in Australia and having been living in London for the past year and a half. I work in communications for an international development charity. I previously worked as a campaign organiser for the Australian Greens. I'm looking forward to learning more about the political system in the UK and EU. 

James Hiley

Hi, I'm James. I'm a second year politics student at the University of Sheffield, where I've been President of the Young Greens society for the past year. I look forward to experiencing how the Green Party operates on a national level, and developing skills that can help the Greens to succeed in the future.

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Alice Hubbard

I’m Alice and I’m based in The Hague, where I study International Studies at Leiden University. I am graduating this summer after which I’ll be doing an internship, hopefully in the European Parliament. I am looking forward to learning more about the internal structures of the Green Party and national campaigning throughout the scheme!


Lowri Jones

My name is Lowri and I'm currently living in Plymouth, however I'm from North Wales originally. I'm just finishing my degree in Criminology, but I'll be at the university for another year as the President of the Students Union. Although I'm still relatively new to the Green Party, I'm so excited to get started and learn more about how I could make a difference.


Tariq Khan

My name is Tariq Khan and I'm 27 years old. I live in Lancashire and have a background in Geography and Environmental Science. I wanted to be part of 30/30 so I could benefit from mentoring and exposure at a leadership level.


Lee-Anne Lawrance

I’m Lee-Anne and I’m based in Surrey. I am the South East Young Greens Co Convenor and on the LGBTIQ Greens Committee. I am looking forward to learning more about politics behind the scenes!


Hannah Lester

'I've recently moved back home to a small town in Norfolk after studying at Bristol university. After finishing training, I will be working as a solicitor in Norwich. I'm looking forward to meeting young greens from all over the country.'


James Melia-Jones

I'm James studying Physics for New Technology, I care about  using planet resources for good like renewables and sustainability, not weapons warfare. I'm co-officer at Liverpool Uni supporting Fossil Free, Israel BDS and Campaign Against Arms Trade.


Ben Parker

I’m Ben from Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and I’ve been a Green Party member for the past three years. At home I am active within the local party and since starting university I have been elected co-convener of Edinburgh Young Greens. I applied to the scheme as it offered me the opportunity to learn about effective campaigning and management skills within an organisation that I am passionate about.


Aaron Parr

I'm Aaron and I live in East London, although I am originally from Kent. I am studying a Masters in Documentary Film Practice at Queen Mary University. After my experiences with the Queen Mary Young Greens society and being on the committee of London Young Greens, I'm hoping the scheme will hone my political knowledge and my skills as a campaigner.


Issy Patience

I'm Issy and I live in Manchester and have been a member of the Green Party since Dec 2014. I am currently the external communications person for Manchester Green Party and I work for The Skinny magazine, a local arts and culture publication. I am looking forward to learning more about communications and campaigning as part of the 30 under 30 scheme!


Sarah-Jane Riley

I'm Sarah-Jane. I am currently studying a primary PGCE in Norwich - but I'll be moving back home to Essex after I graduate, and starting my first teaching job in September. I'm currently co-chair of Young Greens Women. I'm really excited to get started with the scheme!


Foyez Syed

I'm Foyez and I am currently based in Oxford. I spend most of my time volunteering and campaigning on causes around mental health and young people. I am looking forward to learning more about policy and campaigning within the political spectrum.


Sarah Thin

I'm Sarah, originally from Scotland and currently studying law at Durham University.  I'm one of the Green candidates for the council elections next may and so am looking forward to learning more about campaign strategy and techniques, as well as meeting all the other 30-under-30-ers !


Noella Usbourne

Hi, I'm Noella and I'm a school student based on Gloucestershire. I'm currently Head of Environment at my district Youth Council and I look forward to learning more on being a good public speaker and campaigner for the Green Party.


Ruth Warren

I am an English Literature student living in Manchester. I'm excited to gain  a better understanding of green policy. I aspire to encourage my local area to think consciously about consumption and waste in efforts to reduce the effects of climate change.


Rosie Woolgar

I’m Rosie and I’m based in West Norfolk however I grew up in Essex. I was until recently the Eastern Region Co-Convenor of the Young Greens and I work at a visitor centre where I run an education programme for school children based on sustainability and renewable technology. I am hoping to learn more about policy and internal democracy through the scheme to enable me to fulfil my current elected roles to full potential.