Workers rights in 2016 and beyond

23 December 2016

Today we welcome the news that Swissport have committed to improving workers' conditions, as the 48hr airport workers' strike is called off. Although we have seens many employees striking this year, there was also been some positives.

 From reading the 2016 report from the EU Commission, we can see that there is cause for celebration this year. There has been an average rise in employment in the EU, and there is less poverty. The report shows that number of Europeans in work is higher than ever before, reaching 232 million. 

 Refugees however are still facing obstacles getting into work, including language barriers and lower levels of education. However, it's great to see that the Commission are committed to investing in refugees' language and education skills. Against an aging society, this welcome commitment to refugees' employment is a real investment in Europe's workforce.

In the new year the Young Greens, in accordance with party policy, will be fighting for the best deal for workers in Brexit negotiations, and we are dedicated to putting pressure on our government to give migrants, refugees and asylum seekers the same protection and investment that they would see if we remained a member state.

The Young Greens have made it a priority in 2017 to celebrate migrants, their role in society and the workplace, and tirelessly fight for their protection.


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