Young Greens Join Calls to Boycott National Student Survey (NSS)

9 February 2017

Young Greens join the National Union of Students[1] and a number of students unions throughout England and Wales in calls to boycott the national student survey (NSS).

The survey, which students in their final year of university are asked to complete, will be used to rank how high universities can charge for their fees as of 2019, using figures from 2016-2018 as a guide. [2]

Alongside this rise, the NSS results will lead to performance related pay schemes for young lecturers who are already struggling to get a foothold in the lecturing profession. We confirm our support the UCU in their continued attempt to fight performance related pay.[3]

Young Greens Co Chair Hannah Ellen Clare said:

"This is further marketisation of education from this government, forcing students to pay more to attend "better" universities.

We in the Young Greens believe education is a right, not a privilege and will always oppose rises in tuition fees in favour of for free education for all"

If you would like to join the NUS' call to Boycott the NSS, please sign up at

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