Young Greens Proud to See Caroline Lucas Re-Elected as Green MP

9 June 2017

Today, we congratulate Caroline Lucas on being elected for the third time in Brighton Pavilion.

Caroline was re-elected with 30,159 votes, an increase of 10.4% with a huge majority of 14,869. Caroline will once again be our sole serving member of Parliament. 

Young Greens Co-Chair, Sam Murray said: 

"We are incredibly pleased to see such an excellent MP returned to Parliament, where she can continue to work hard for people and planet. We are disappointed to not see more Green MPs, particularly in Bristol West, Isle of Wight, Sheffield Central and Bath, where we fought strong campaigns but congratulate the local parties there for their hard work in standing up for what matters." 

Young Greens Co-Chair, Hannah Ellen Clare said:

"This election once again shows our electoral system is broken. It's time for a new politics and we will continue to be at the heart of that over the next five years and beyond"

We would like to congratulate all candidates on their result and, in particular, all the Young Greens who stood in this election, who are as follows:

Amy Bertaut, Mark Bray-Perry, Aimee Challenor, Ben Cornish, Andrew Creak, Hannah Clare, Stephen Davis-Barker, Kefentse Dennis, Kathryn Driscoll, Dominic Ellis, Mo Findley, Chris Garghan, Benjamin Gill, Miles Grindley, Benali Hamdache, Sim Harman, Andrew Hayward, Nate Higgins, Kirsty Jones, Alice Kiff, Adam King, Robbie Lee, Jack Lenox, Hannah Lester, James Lovatt, Joe Levy, Carl Martinez, Eleanor Masters, Adam McGregor, Lawrence McNally, Alex Murray, Rebecca Novell, Tom Pashby, Chris Pane, Rosie Pearce, Sabrina Poole, Kay Powell, Arran Rangi, Morvern Rennie, Blake Roberts, Logan Robin, Emma Robson, Rachael Shah, Daniel Sheaff, Luke Shirley, Benjamin Smith, Sophie Summerhayes, Stuart Tuckwood, Megan Vincent, Harry Webb, Fay Whitfield, Jamie Wildman, Daniel Wiltshire

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