Young Greens call on Theresa May to condemn Trump's 'state-sponsored racism'

16 August 2017

The Young Greens have called on Theresa May to condemn Donald Trump's comments on Charlottesville in which he said that 'both sides' were violent, after a spokesperson for No.10 said that Trump's comments were 'a matter for him.' [1]


In a statement, the Young Greens said: 

'There are no ‘two sides’ to the horrific events at Charlottesville last week. A young woman was murdered by white supremacists at a Nazi rally, who  carried flags bearing the swastika, held flaming torches and chanted ‘white lives matter’. Last night Donald Trump chose to take aim not at her killers, but at the anti-fascist protesters of whom Heather Heyer was one.

Trump must not be allowed to legitimise far-right violence, and the international community has a duty to condemn his state-sponsored racism. We call on Theresa May to do so urgently, and to rescind Trump’s state visit invitation.'



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