Young Green Candidate Resources

Are you a Young Green Candidate? Or just thinking about becoming one in future? 

We've created a series of resources including campaign literature and webinars for our Young Green Candidates and Councillors to ensure that Young Greens are being elected across England and Wales.

While only 3% of Councillors nationwide are under the age of 30, we’re proud to announce we are above the national average, with 4.8% Young Green Councillors. However we’re not stopping there - we want to increase our numbers, and support Young Green candidates as much as we can!


This year we offered Young Green training sessions at Spring Conference, keep your eyes peeled for further training events!

Young Green Candidate Webinars


Amelia Womack giving a public speaking webinar targetted for Young Green Candidates.

Guy Poultney, South West Field Organiser giving advice on how to win Target to Win seats as a Young Green.


Young Green Candidate Leaflets 

Unless you have already been approached as a Target to Win candidate it is unlikely we will be able to print these for you. However we recommend printing these documents with your local party or elsewhere via Saxoprint.