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5 January 2018

Applications are now open to be a Young Greens Senate Representative for the regions of England and Wales!


We are looking for new co-chairs in some of the regions of England and Wales that currently are inactive or where the position is currently vacant. As a first step, we are looking at recruiting Senate representatives for these areas who will attend Senate meetings, help organise their region/nation and get an AGM arranged to elect a committee.  

We are currently looking for great activists in the following regions:
- North West (2 positions available)
- North East (1 position available; must be male)
- Yorkshire & Humber (2 positions available)
- South West (1 positions available)
- Wales (2 positions available)

Don't worry if you haven't got lots of experience - there are lots of training opportunities and support will be provided by the Senate, the Executive Committee and paid staff at head office. It is most important to have buckets loads of enthusiasm and a few hours spare each week! 

Dedications for Senate representative 
- meet over Skype once per month with other regional co-chairs on the Senate 
- stay in contact with and help out local groups 
- help to organise meetings within the region including AGM
- organise events/campaigns within your region 

Please note according to the constitution, the two representatives in each region must be gender balanced.

If you are interested please send a 300 word statement to, explaining why you think you would be a good representative and the region/nation you wish to apply for. The deadline is 11:59 on Friday 26th January

If you have any questions about the roles, please send them to We look forward to hearing back from you!

Many thanks,

Martin Osborne 
Senate Co-Chair

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