Join Up January - Why I joined. by Catherine Love.

20 January 2017



I joined the Green Party two years ago, in a burst of start-of- year energy. With the

General Election on the horizon, I felt inspired by the Green Party’s politics of hope

and was keen to get more involved. The next few months were an exciting time to be

a new member, as the Greens gained momentum and party membership surged. I

have a particularly strong memory of a local meeting I attended around the time of

the election at which the atmosphere was one of delighted shock that so many new

people were coming on board.


At that same meeting, there was a discussion about why each of the people present

had joined the party. While some reasons were deeply personal, the overwhelming

feeling was that the Green Party offered a genuine alternative to the negativity and

blame that often seems to characterise contemporary politics. I don’t think I’ve ever

heard the word ‘hope’ uttered so many times in the space of an hour. There was and

is clearly a hunger for a politics that believes in positive change. It was that hunger

that led me to the Greens and has kept me here for the last two years.


The world at the moment feels particularly broken and politics feels particularly

turbulent. But I believe more than ever that the Greens offer the hope and the

policies that might show us a way forward. Tackling inequality of all kinds and doing

everything we can to mitigate catastrophic climate change have never been so

important. Lots of people – myself included – have had moments of despair and

helplessness in the last few months. But there are things that we can actively do,

and getting involved with the Green Party is one of them.




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