#JoinUpJanuary - Why I Joined by Sam Brooke

23 January 2017

My first big “political awakening” of sorts was when I first learned about climate change. Seeing the destruction wrought upon the natural world by conglomerates made me angry, but as I learned more about the causes of global warming, this anger and determination turned to sadness and frustration due to a lack of action. It seemed to me that governments of the world weren't doing enough to slow climate change - it even seemed that some were encouraging it, sacrificing the amazing planet we inherited for profits and economic reasons. I felt helpless, like the world was going to hell in a handbasket - and I couldn't do anything about it. Politics didn't seem like an outlet for change to me.

After the 2015 general election, I was dissatisfied with most of the parties because they represented the status quo - whatever promises they made never seemed to amount of actual change. Yet when I discovered the Green Party, I was enthralled with them because of the radical change they represented. Not only were they the only party that seemed to take climate change seriously, but they also the only party that admitted that the system we live under now is broken.

And that's why I joined the Greens. In a political climate where every Party is moving to right, the Greens stand out as something different - and, more importantly, something inclusive. While others scapegoat the most disadvantaged for the failures of the system, the Greens spread a message of togetherness - people of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and abilities are united against the system that oppresses us. It's a party where I can be a feminist, a socialist, an egalitarian, and an environmentalist all at the same time; a party where I can take part in rallies and peaceful protests; and a party that gives me - and many others - a platform for my views and a say in the politics of our country.

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