Why Young Greens Should Come to Conference

12 March 2017

There’s still a few weeks to register for the party’s Spring Conference, taking place in Liverpool from the 30th of March to 2nd April. Happening in tandem with the Global Greens congress, this is set to be the biggest gathering of Greens ever, and will be an amazing opportunity for Young Greens to socialise, network, gain skills and meet new people.

I attended my first Green Party conference in Birmingham in September, and the welcoming atmosphere, range of activities on offer,and opportunities to influence real party policy all exceeded expectations.

Though a bit nervous not knowing many people, I found the people I met at the Young Greens stand to be so welcoming. They informed me about upcoming events and I was even encouraged me to run for Executive Committee, which I successfully did a month later. I met such an interesting and diverse group of people, attended a really good fringe session for newcomers all about the party's structures, and genuinely found it such an inspiring and motivating experience.

If you’re eager to come along but don’t know anyone else going, don’t be put off. The Young Greens executive committee and a team of dedicated, helpful Young Greens will be around to say hi, make you feel welcome and answer any questions you may have. Even if you are coming with friends or family, do come along to the Young Greens stand and say hello.

The Young Greens are dedicated towards making conference an accessible experience for all, so have put together an accessibility guide which can be found here. Ready to register? Click hereto find out more.

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