In the wake of the Westminster attack...

28 March 2017

On 22nd March we witnessed a number of things.  A man intended to commit an act of terror in Wesminster,but he didn’t succeed, thanks to our police force.  The guy was stopped from getting into our Parliament. (I say “our” Parliament because it should be the people who have a say).


Tragically a police officer was attacked - an MP and a number of other people rushed to the police officer’s aid. MP Tobias Ellwood was one of these great people, whatever we think about politics, (as Ellwood is a Tory) people have humanity, though we are on two sides of the political spectrum it is good to know that when it comes to events like this, politics can be put aside.


I knew straight away that Muslims would be targeted following the claim that the attacker was Muslim. The issue of refugees has come up also. Our ex deputy leader Shahrar Ali said at Harrogate Conference, “Refugees are welcome here” and that made me very inspired.


Since then our government has made such a mistake lowering the numbers of refugee children allowed in the UK. We need to not let horrible incidents like this influence our opinions of refugees.

At our October Convention the Young Greens made it one of our two priorities for the year to challenge the right wing media bias against migrants.

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