Moving into a Greener Future

10 September 2017


Eva Louise

With British politics in turmoil, now more than ever the Green party’s role in our democracy must be acknowledged. We can no longer afford to be side-lined, brushed under the carpet, by the current voting system; we are the last hope. We are Britain’s last hope. The future of the British people rests in the hands of the one party that trusts in our common humanity, and that actively seeks to cultivate a caring, daring society in which we are no longer afraid of the future, rather we are proud to be building a safer, more unified environment for our children and grandchildren to grow up in.

Dishonesty has severed what remained of the already fragile ties between public and power, and a void of uncertainty and distrust has emerged. This void is yet to be filled, and this gives the Green Party an opportunity the likes of which we have never had before. It is the opportunity, finally, to adopt a larger, more powerful position in British politics; one where we are no longer the party for environmental fanatics but for all. And yet still we are being barred from fulfilling our political destiny by the large corporations and money-hungry Conservatives that currently occupy Downing Street.

The current voting system disadvantages our party to the extent that we are not able to gain the quantity of seats that we both deserve and, quantitatively, have earned. The future of the Green Party must be steered by our fight for a voting system of proportional representation. It is this that will enable us to reach our potential and truly serve our purpose, to campaign on behalf of the silenced environment, and the silenced British public alike, who for too long now have both been shunned by our current government and their capitalist, egotistical motivations.

The Green Party’s time is now, and we must take it. Our values have been proven to be ones that the general public of the UK can identify with, but it seems that there is an underlying misunderstanding that voting Green is the equivalent of voting for a group of tree-hugging naturists! (I have nothing against those of us who are tree-hugging naturists, but there is a common misconception that you constitute the entire Green Party, which is obviously false!)

The future of our party’s success rests with two essential changes. A change to proportional representation in the voting system, and a change of public perceptions of what exactly the Green Party stands for. Once we manage to accomplish both of these, admittedly, huge tasks, then we will be able to move into a position of great influence, enabling us to, finally, convey the true emotions and opinions of the public to the seemingly deluded current government.

For too long, corporate monopolies and governmental hegemony have reigned over democracy, distorting it so that this once revered foundation of civilisation has been degraded to an unrecognisable state. Democracy is in disarray, but the Green Party have the capabilities to rebuild our majestic system of social order from the rubble austerity and national cuts have left.



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