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Cambridge looks to join the divestment surge

We are proud to support the student led Jesus Climate Justice Campaign (JCJC) based in Jesus College, Cambridge. Cambridge University recently announced a divestment target of 2030, but the nature of the University means that this does not apply to the many colleges that make up the University. JCJC have organised a petition signed by a large proportion of both the students and senior academics of the college, as well as many alumni and other supporters, which urges Jesus College to fully divest from fossil fuels and other damaging and ecocidal industries by 2021, and to set ambitious net zero targets of 2030.

The Young Greens believe that: 

  • Universities should not be financing the corporations driving our planet towards climate disaster.
  • As the divestment movement continues to grow, every new institution to pull their finances from the industry, helps us move one step closer to removing its destructive grip from our economy.

If you would like to sign their petition please do so here or here.

If you would like to follow their campaign, or get in touch with how you could launch something similar at your institution, please follow them!