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It's time to stand up for our future. Find out more about the Young Greens, how we run and what our values are.

We're building the most radical youth movement

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The Young Greens Executive Committee stood with the Young Greens banner and their fists raised.

Find out how the Young Greens are run. Our committees, their responsibilities and the positions on each committee.

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Justice for Students

We think that education should be free
for everyone. We want to scrap tuition fees and introduce maintenance support for students. We stand in solidarity with our campus trade unions and rent strikers, and we’re campaigning to ditch corporate finances from our universities.

Housing Justice

With rents soaring and landlords leaving their tenants in increasingly worse conditions, Young Greens demand renters rights, especially for students, and an effective plan to tackle homelessness.

Real democracy

We believe in putting power back into
the hands of the people. With a
government determined to restrict the fundamental right to protest, whilst
handing out corrupt deals to their mates, it’s never been more important to stand up for our democratic rights and freedoms.

A Green New Deal

Social, economic, and environmental justice are intrinsically linked: we need a Green New Deal, with a just transition that prioritises workers, introduces a universal basic income, and delivers the scale of investment in renewable energy sources we need to meet net-zero by 2030.

Protect our Public Services

Our public services are something to be proud of and something to be protected. This pandemic pushed our underfunded health service to breaking point - we won’t let the government get away with exploiting doctors and nurses and handing contract after contract to the private sector.

Liberation For All

We believe that human rights are non-negotiable. Our fight for the liberation of traditionally-marginalised groups is a priority. State institutions which perpetuate structural oppression and inherently discriminatory policies haven’t got a place in our current society. They must be pulled apart and updated.

Every year we bring together Young Greens to get more Young Green Councillors elected and to push the party to be more radical in its politics

"The Green Party has big, bold ideas to create a confident and caring Britain that we can all be proud of. We believe in being brave, in speaking our minds, and in standing up for what matters."