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Young Greens congratulate student receiving their A levels and BTEC results, despite challenging teaching and learning environments

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The Young Greens would like to congratulate all A-level and BTEC students receiving their results today. We wish good luck to all students whatever pathway they decide to take, and acknowledge that academic achievements and exam results are not reflective of their success or potential. This years A-level results are predicted to be significantly lower than the past few years in an effort to return to 2019 grading levels. This further reflects the unfair education system and the effect it has on students applying to further education.

We believe that the current system under a Conservative government in England, and Welsh Labour in Wales, is failing students. The Young Greens support abolishing the current exam system in favour of modular assessments, which give a fairer and more accurate guide to students capabilities in addition to removing the pressure and stress generated during high intensity exam periods. In addition, the Young Greens are in favour of abolishing Offsted in England and Estyn in Wales due to the damage they frequently cause to schools and teachers.

This academic year in particular students have faced challenging learning environments during teaching strikes. The Young Greens continue to stand in solidarity with all striking workers and support all teachers who are fighting, not only for improved wages and working conditions, but for student’s education. The Conservative government’s repeated inaction over decreases in pay and poor working conditions has continued to fail both teachers and students.

Jane Baston, Co-Chair of the Young Greens said: “Congratulations to all students who are receiving their results today. You’ve had an incredibly challenging learning environment to navigate over the last few years and you should be very proud of your results. This years results show how grades can be manipulated to stop grade inflation proving that exams are an inaccurate method of assessment. The fight for an education system that takes in to account students needs, and is free and fair for all continues.”

Amelia Jones, Co-Convenor of the Green Students Committee said: “Congratulations to everyone receiving their A-level results today! It’s important to celebrate all the hard work you have put into your studies during these challenging few years. If you haven’t gotten the results you wanted, then don’t despair- there are many other options outside of university that can lead to a fulfilling career. Our society values numbers and grades, but please remember that grades only represent a fraction of what you can achieve, and they do not define you!” 

Wherever young people’s lives may take them, the Young Greens are there to represent and advocate for their needs, views and wants, championing the rights of students and young people aged up to 30 across England and Wales. Join us now!

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