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The Young Greens mark International Migration day 2023

Each year, the 18th of December marks International Migration day. This day recognises the importance and value of migrants and immigration to society, both culturally and economically, while highlighting the challenges they face. The Young Greens support a system that welcomes those moving to the UK and ensures they are treated fairly and humanely, without discrimination and prejudice.

This year’s International Migration Day bears particular significance at a time where UK immigration policy not only serves as a completely inefficient and futile strategy, but also a cruel treatment of those most in need of international protection. The Green Party recognises the right to claim asylum in any country, as defined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Right.

The immoral Rwanda bill, passed in the House of Commons last week, highlights the Conservatives lack of humanity for those seeking refuge in the UK. It is highly worrying to see the government undermine the Supreme ruling last month that deemed the Rwanda policy unlawful, in addition to directly violation the principle of the UN Refugee Convention. Additionally, the recent reported tragic death on the Bibby Stockholm show that the Conservatives should not be trusted with the lives and welfare of asylum seekers.

The recently announced immigration rules, adopting a points based system for those applying for a UK visa, has particularly harmful consequences for young people and students. These rules will not only limit the current shortage occupations list but will more than double the minimum income for those bringing family members, such as children, to the UK on a family visa. These rules particularly deter crucial workers and young people, some of the most likely to earn below the new £38,700 income threshold. Those affected are being left in limbo over new income rules, or otherwise threatened by family division or exile, at a time where the UK is experiencing 264,000 vacancies in the NHS and social care.

Furthermore, the announcement that the Graduate Route of post-study work rights will be reviewed, has caused further concern for young people and students. It risks the post-study work rights for international graduates, and the provision of open post-study work. This will create even more pressure on students to either secure high grades or high skilled work after graduating in order to stay in the UK, again emphasising the government’s decision to dictate who, and who are not, ‘worthy’ of migrant status. The government has a duty to support all people seeking to settle in the UK, who should be treated as citizens in waiting, not ‘threats to society’ or ‘economic migrants’.

Young Greens International Officer Benjamin Wold Bermanis said “Migration is human. The governments inhuman of migrants and asylum seekers show that there are no depths they will plumb for self-serving short-term political gains”

Wherever young people’s lives may take them, the Young Greens are there to represent and advocate for their needs, views and wants, championing the rights of students and young people aged up to 30 across England and Wales.

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