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Young Greens react to General Election announcement

The Young Greens welcome the announcement of the General Election and the opportunity to remove the Conservatives after 14 destructive years in power.

The Green Party is confident in winning more seats in parliament, and we are delighted that over 40 of these Green parliamentary candidates are Young Greens.

We are excited to get to work supporting and campaigning for all our Young Green candidates, who will push for radical and lasting change and represent the voice of youth across the country.

Young Greens Co-Chair Luanne Thornton said:

“It is great to see so many Young Greens standing for election across the country, ensuring that youth interest, diverse perspectives, and innovative environmental policies are at the forefront of political debates, ensuring that we have fresh political ideas and a green future.”

Wherever young people’s lives may take them, the Young Greens are there to represent and advocate for their needs, views and wants, championing the rights of students and young people aged up to 30 across England and Wales.

To get involved with the Young Greens on your campus or meet other Young Greens in your local area, visit our Groups page to find out more.