Complaints and Disputes

What to do if you feel that something in the Young Greens has gone wrong

As a member of the Young Greens, you have the right to submit complaints based on breaches of the:
  • Young Greens Constitution;
  • Young Greens Standing Orders;
  • Green Party Constitution;
  • Green Party Standing Orders;
  • Green Party Code of Conduct;
  • any other organisational policies of the Green Party of England and Wales and Young Greens, including anti-harassment and Safe Space policies

Complaints and disputes are considered by the Complaints and Disputes Subcommittee (C&D). If you wish to submit a complaint, or feel you need help resolving a dispute, please email [email protected], clearly stating against whom the complaint is submitted if it is a complaint,, and providing any evidence you may possess of a breach of any of the documents stated above.

If you don’t feel comfortable approaching the C&D, you may contact the Young Greens staff member, or the Young Greens Equality and Diversity Officer, who can be found here.

A final judgement will be made by C&D within 3 weeks of the complaint being submitted, unless an extension to the investigation is granted. Following a judgement, the complainant has the right to appeal if:
  • New evidence emerges relating to the original complaint
  • C&D had broken procedure as outlined in the Constitution
Complaints may only be made against fellow members of the Young Greens, as defined in the Constitution.Malicious complaints are a breach of the Green Party Code of Conduct and C&D has the right to dismiss complaints deemed to be submitted with malicious intent.
More information can be found in Article 5 of the Young Greens Constitution.