30 Under 30

30 under 30 is the Young Greens flagship training scheme offering young people in the Green Party development and skills training, increasing their engagement and knowledge of the Party, Green politics and the wider political world.

Our aim is for participants to emerge with the rounded base of skills and experience necessary to become the next generation of MPs, Councillors, Assembly Members and top-level party officials. Recruitment will open in October and the programme will run from the 16th-18th February.

The Bigger Picture

This project offers young people the kind of support and profile building that will leave the Green Party more open to the idea of younger people taking positions of responsibility and to select them for winnable seats. It has a track-record of providing young people with the skills to take the reins of our movement. We hope to continue this as we run 30 Under 30 and train more young people to be leaders.

What the Programme Offers

  • A fully-funded three day residential programme with fully-funded accommodation and travel for the weekend
  • A training programme consisting of policy, campaigns, Green Party democracy, elections and other topics
  • A network of young people and students across England and Wales
  • A chance for members to raise their profile and get involved in the Young Greens and the wider Green Party

Applications for 30 Under 30 2024 are now closed

30 Under 30 Alumni

Since it started in 2012, the 30 Under 30 Scheme has contributed many great activists to the Green Party and has developed a number of great activists along the way. Here's what they said about their experience:

30 Under 30 Graduates from 2022 holding the Young Greens banner with their fists raised
The 2022 30 Under 30 Graduates
30u30 2023 Cohort with a YGs banner looking smiley
The 2023 30 Under 30 Graduates
Carla Denyer

Carla Denyer

Green Party Co-Leader, Bristol City Councillor and Bristol West MP Candidate

“30 under 30 was really useful and so much fun – do it! I applied as a local election candidate in 2015. By the time my year’s programme started I was a councillor, and by the time it ended I was part of the leadership team of my councillor group in Bristol. All the way through I was learning valuable lessons in campaigning, policymaking, and how governments work.”

Benali Hamdache

Benali Hamdache

Migrant & refugee Support Spokesperson, Islington Councillor

“I loved being part of 30 under 30. I learned new skills and I met friends for life. Today I'm a Councillor and a Green Party spokesperson. This training course has to take a lot of credit!”

Notable 30 Under 30 Alumni

  • Carla Denyer, Co-Leader of the Green Party, Bristol City Councillor and Bristol Central MP Candidate
  • Benali Hamdache, Migrant & Refugee Support Spokesperson
  • Lucy Pegg, Oxford City Councillor and former Young Greens LGBTQIA+ Liberation Officer
  • Anastasia Wlaschin-Wiest, Manchester City Councillor
  • Declan Baseley, Lord Mayor of Chippenham
  • Tyrone Scott, Greens of Colour Chair 
  • Benedict Allbrooke, Chair of Brighton & Hove Green Party
  • Tariq Khan, Former Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) Executive Committee Member
  • Charlene Concepcion, Former Equality and Diversity Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales, 
  • Emma Carter, Former Chair of GPEx and former Finance Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales
  • Florence Pollock, Former Management Coordinator on GPEx
  • Luanne Thornton, Young Greens Co-Chair
  • Kelsey Trevett, former Young Greens Co-Chair (2021-23)
  • Hannah Graham, Former Young Greens Co-Chair
  • Benjamin Wold Birmanis, Young Greens International Officer
  • Olivia Tomkinson, Young Greens Treasurer 
  • Callum Clafferty, Green Students Committee Co-Convenor 
  • Amelia Jones, Green Students Committee Co-Convenor 
  • George Morris, Chair of the Young Greens Democracy and Accountability Committee 
  • Philip Davies, Young Greens Political Education Officer 
  • Kate Benson, Former Young Greens Events Officer (2021-22)
  • Miranda Heath, Former Young Greens Events Officer, (2022-23)
  • Clifford Fleming, Former Young Greens Co-Chair