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21 February 2018

The Executive Committee are co-opting to fill the vacant place on our Executive Committee. Applicants for the role of Senate Co-Chair constitutionally should not self-define as a man due to gender balancing requirements. 

1. We're co-opting for someone to fill the role of the Senate Co-Chair alongside Senate Co-Chair Martin Osborne. The Senate Co-Chair is an exciting position that will work with Young Greens groups all over England and Wales.

  • Applicants for this role constitutionally should not self-define as a man due to gender balancing requirements. 

For more information on the role, please view the job description here.

To apply for the role as Senate Co-Chair, please send up to a 300 word description outlining your background, why you’d be a good member of EC, and why you’re suited to the role, to by 11:59pm on Friday 9th March 2018. We would appreciate if candidates could indicate when they would be available for a Skype meeting on an evening of either Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th or Monday 12th March 2018.

Please note that the Executive Committee - alongside other elected Young Green representatives - will be meeting at Green Party Spring Conference in Bournemouth between March 3rd and 4th. It would be useful for applicants to meet current Senate Co-Chair Martin Osborne during this weekend. 

If you have any questions about the role, please contact Martin Osborne at

Job Share Guidance

  • The job share would share one vote
  • The quota of EC would remain 50%+1 counting if they were one person
  • If one part of the job share votes, it is assumed the job share is in agreement until it is said otherwise. If votes are contradictory, then they will be cancelled out. 
  • One part of the job share voting will count for quoracy.

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