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Coronavirus has created crises in our society, but more than this, it has revealed the deep flaws in our current political economic order - a system that treats both people and planet as resources to be exploited. Building our way out of the crisis means going further than ‘getting things back to normal’ - it means radically transforming all areas of society, and building power at the grassroots to make it happen.

Our political education programme aims to empower young people in England and Wales to play key role in delivering a radical transformation through grassroots initiatives, campaigns and collaborative activities in their communities via three crucial steps:

Empowering young people to learn about the world, in order to change it: Through our four-part lecture series on why capitalism is broken and how we can overthrow it and a weekly series of online talks and Q&As with grassroots activists on how we get there and how to get involved at the local level.

Skilling up in order to deliver this new vision for a radical transformation: Through our three online training sessions to members on how to communicate these ideas effectively, lobby decision makers, and build a powerful movement in their community.

Watch our four part radical lecture series on why capitalism is broken and how we can overthrow it

Learn from policy experts, grassroots campaigners and elected politicians on how we redistribute wealth and power across a range of issue areas

Learn how to build your skills to win radical and transformative campaigns

This project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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