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Young Greens congratulate those receiving their A-Level and BTEC results

The Young Greens comments on A-Level and BTEC results day.

The Young Greens would like to congratulate all A-Level and BTEC students receiving their results today. After two years of disrupted education through poor pandemic planning from this Government, A-Level students should be very proud of the results that they’ve achieved. The Young Greens wish them success in whatever their next steps may be, and want to remind all students that their exams results are not a reflection of their worth or potential.

The Young Greens believe exams are an outdated way of assessing young people’s attainment and knowledge, favouring exclusionary methods of learning which are not suitable for all learners. Moreover, examinations disproportionately negatively affect the futures of young people from low-income backgrounds,  from global majority backgrounds, and from areas where school resources, including teachers, are stretched.

The Young Greens would see exams abolished in favour of modular assessments,  removing the pressure and stress for young people that is associated with the intensive examinations period. Given the pandemic has already significantly impacted young people’s studies over the last few years, now is an opportune time to drastically and radically overhaul this unjust system.

Jane Baston, Co-Chair of the Young Greens said:

“Congratulations to all students receiving their results today.  It’s an incredible achievement, especially in light of having had to adapt to difficult circumstances created by the government’s chaotic, dangerous mismanagement of education during Covid.”

Kelsey Trevett continued:

“However you plan to proceed, the value of learning is inherent: we share your fury at a government which time and time again puts the economy over your education, and celebrates the resilience you’ve shown. The fight for a fair education system continues, one which isn’t solely focused on capitalist profit making.”

Co-Convenor of the Green Students Committee, Jamie Payne said “Congratulations to all those receiving their A-level results, and good luck in whatever step you choose to take next! The Young Greens recognise that all degrees and career paths have value and oppose the damaging Conservative rhetoric equating the value of a degree solely with its earning potential.”

Wherever young people’s lives may take them, the Young Greens are there to represent and advocate for their needs, views and wants, championing the rights of students and young people aged up to 30 across England and Wales. 

To get involved with the Young Greens on your campus or meet other Young Greens in your local area, visit our Groups page to find out more.