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Young Greens celebrate a record number of young people elected as Councillors

After the May 2023 local election results the Young Greens are celebrating a record number of young people elected as Councillors this year. Going into the local elections there were 22 Young Green Councillors elected across England and Wales. After the results there are now a record number of 35 Young Green Councillors.

This increase follows the trend in Young Greens being elected, with the Green Party having only 2 Young Greens elected in 2019. Young Greens Co-Chair Kelsey Trevett commented on their success: “Across England, Young Greens have been putting forward a message of radical hope. Amongst a two-party system of one political ideology, Young Green candidates have been working hard in communities and on campuses, and winning the trust of people. I’m so excited to see our network of Young Green councillors grow both in number, and in geographical coverage.”

In Lancaster, with 14 Young Greens standing in the local elections, 3 Young Greens were elected onto the City Council. After coming 23 votes off winning a Councillor in the University Ward by-election in 2021, Tom Fish was elected in the ward on Friday.

The first new Green Party Councillor of the evening was Jim Yare in South Tyneside, with wins in East Herefordshire and Broadlands later in the morning. Young Greens were also elected for the first time in Ashford, Manchester, Liverpool and Stafford. One of the largest wins of the day came in Worcester where Victoria Pingree ousted the Tory Council Leader to win her seat in St Clements.

Commenting on her election win, Tor said “I’m Tor, a 23 year old teacher from Worcester. In the early hours of Friday morning, I defeated the Conservative leader of Worcester City Council. We’ve been working for a few years on this campaign and it is fantastic to see our hard work pay off.”

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The Young Greens are the Youth and Student Wing of the Green Party of England and Wales. Any Green Party member who is under 30 or a full-time or part-time student is a member of the Young Greens.

Young Greens elected:

  • Al Arnold – Ashford Borough Council
  • Raphael Hill – Brighton and Hove City Council
  • Chloë Goldsmith – Brighton and Hove City Council
  • Jessica Royal (Ashcroft) – Broadlands District Council
  • Elliot Tong – Cambridge City Council
  • Anastasia Wlaschin-Wiest – Manchester City Council
  • Tom Fish – Lancaster City Council
  • Hamish Mills – Lancaster City Council 
  • Grace Russell – Lancaster City Council
  • Jim Yare – South Tyneside Council
  • Victoria Pingree – Worcester County Council
  • George Williams – East Hertfordshire District Council
  • Josh Worley – Norwich City Council
  • John Howard – Liverpool City Council
  • Jack Rose – Stafford Borough Council
  • Frank Adlington-Stringer – North East Derbyshire 

A full list of all elected Young Greens can be found on the Young Greens website.