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Young Greens stand with the Windrush generation.

16 April 2018

The Young Greens have today expressed their support for the Windrush generation against the background of a number of reported threats of deportation

Young Greens ramp up support for our Young Green candidates!

06 April 2018

This year we've been proud to launch heaps of additional support to our Young Green Candidates.

Second 10:1 Fair Pay Campaign Report Launched!

29 March 2018

Following our 2013 report, the Young Greens second 10:1 Campaign Report has been launched with a series of shocking new data. Despite the interruption of the Police & QMU security, Amelia Womack successfully launched the report last week at the Queen Mary Occupation.

First 2018 30u30 weekend begins!

18 March 2018

On the 17/18th of March we began our first 30u30 weekend with the 2018 cohort. This weekend covered Campaigns and Elections just in time for May's Local Elections!

New Young Greens Candidate Training

28 February 2018

For the first time ever, the Young Greens will be providing training for Young Green Candidates, or anyone who is considering becoming one! We'll be covering public speaking, local election canvassing and more alongside Amelia Womack, a Young Green Councillor and Green Party Regional Managers for a fantastic day of training.

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