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Young Greens challenge Government on inaction on clean air

21 June 2018

Young Greens Co-Chair Ben Parker said: ‘We challenge the Government’s weak clean air strategy, which fails to tackle the detrimental causes of air pollution efficiently. Air pollution is a silent killer, with up to 40,000 premature deaths each year attributed to it"

Young Greens call for apology from Sheffield Star

03 June 2018

"We are absolutely dismayed by the actions of the Sheffield Star and call on their immediate retraction of the article." Young Greens Co-Chair Hannah Graham

Young Greens react to May Bank Holiday floods

28 May 2018

Hannah Graham, Young Greens Co Chair said: “These floods are a clear sign of our ever changing climate. We need to take a serious look at our climate policies and ensure we are taking the drastic action we need on climate change."

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